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THE BLACKSTONE LAW COMPANY was established in Barbados  in 2011 by Mr. Joseph H. Serrant.

His vision for the company was inspired by the  legacy  of the great British jurist Sir. William Blackstone  who stated “So great moreover is the regard of the law for private property, that it will not authorize the least violation of it; no, not even for the general good of the whole community”.

The Chambers thus champions the cause of its Clients, whether large or small, building on a firm foundation, one brick at a time. The service offered to our Clients is both methodical and principled while remaining  compassionate.

About The Company

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The Blackstone Law Company Offers A Range Of Legal Services, click below for a a comprehensive summary.

Incorporation of Businesses

Incorporation of a company under the Companies Act, Cap. 308 has the effect of creating a separate legal personality which is distinct from the person or persons who incorporate a company or who hold shares in the company.

Property Law, Conveyancing & Mortgages

We are well versed in property law and represent individuals, companies, entrepreneurs and real estate developers in property-related matters.

Law Of Succession

The Law of Succession deals with the regulation and distribution of one’s estate consequent on his/her death and differs procedurally and substantively, if the deceased died testate or intestate. We offer the following services in relation to this area of law

Debt Recovery

We offer debt recovery services which range from issuing demand letters to drafting proposals for debt liquidation to filing claims in the High Court for monies due and owing. We also file enforcement proceedings in the High Court to realise unsatisfied judgments.

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